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Shambala Festival

Pioneering, intimate and truly innovative, Shambala Festival has perfectly blended creativity and participation for well over a decade. Shambala is a special place where you play, revitalise, make lots of new friends and return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive.

Our work

Doc & Tee has worked closely with Shambala and helped develop their unique brand, website, program, production and marketing assets over the years – helping them sell-out their tickets year after year whilst maintaining a fresh and innovative aesthetic. In 2023 we worked with the awesome illustrator Ed Dingli to create an update to the brand.

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Doc&Tee are basically wizards. Highly creative, unendingly patient and all round good eggs. If you can dream it up, they can bring it to life beautifully. We’ve worked with them for more years than I can remember and quite frankly we’d be lost without them!

Becka, Shambala Festival

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